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a loving tribute to screwball comedy

Screwball! is Beau Jest's loving tribute to the screwball comedy genre; a live stage adaptation of Preston Sturges' classic 1941 film Sullivan's Travels. Comedy is a weapon that can respond to injustice by instilling hope and joy during dark times. We found an enormous reservoir of untapped, positive theatrical energy embedded in the farcical depression-era films that defined the screwball genre. Translating that vocal and physical energy to the stage was the challenge we set ourselves. And it is a love story with original Beau Jest plot twists that will satisfy and surprise fans of the original movie.

Films like It Happened One Night and Some Like It Hot endure in part because there are universal truths about human nature embedded under the snappy dialogue and farcical situations. We wanted to embrace the style of those classic films while also responding to the current social/political moment of a divided America.

Originally scheduled for a 2020 debut but postponed by the pandemic, Screwball! continued rehearsing in backyards, on Zoom, and at a week-long residency in Maine in July 2021 while waiting for theaters to reopen. We are now happy to present to you - for one night only - the shortest run of what was possibly the longest rehearsal process we have ever engaged in.

Beau Jest Moving Theatre's
Based on the classic comedies of the Thirties

Directed by Davis Robinson

The Beau Jest Moving Theatre at

Celebration Barn Theater
190 Stock Farm Road
South Paris, ME 04281

ONE SHOW ONLY! Sat, July 22, 2023 at 7:30 PM

Tickets on sale through Humanitix $10-$20

For tickets: Available now from Humanitix - CLICK HERE!

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