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“A seamless ensemble, handling extremely eclectic material with seeming effortlessness. The snappiest satire
since the vintage days of Saturday Night Live... polished to the point of near perfection.” - Boston Globe
news ten blocksBeau Jest will perform
"Ten Blocks on the Camino Real" at The Provincetown Tennesseee Williams Theater Festival in Sept. 2012...

recentAmerican Gothic
Beau Jest celebrated its 26th anniversary of making theater with a second Tennessee Williams world premiere. Last fall, Beau Jest was again invited to present the world premiere of a Tennessee William’s play, "American Gothic", at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival.

presslisa“Samurai 7.0” is funny, poetic, and grand. It’s epic. It’s slight. It’s silly. It’s profound. It’s ”Samurai 7.0,” and it’s 70 minutes of quietly dazzling invention by Beau Jest Moving Theatre...”
- Boston Globe

“Samurai 7.0” is not a version of the movie so much as a sly meditation on how theatre should be inspired by comradeship and artistry rather than money and razzle dazzle.”
- Bill Marx, WBUR Radio

Beau Jest is based in Boston, where new works are premiered before being toured to theaters, colleges, and festivals around the country. The company also presents the work of other national and internationally known movement theater artists, making Beau Jest a center on the East Coast for the promotion of physical theater.